Guidelines for author

Asian Archives of Pathology has refined its definition of authorship as follows: All authors listed in a paper submitted to  this journal must have contributed substantially to the work. It is the corresponding author who takes responsibility for obtaining permission from all coauthors for the submission. When submitting the paper, the corresponding author is encouraged to indicate the specific contributions of all authors (the author statement, with signatures from all authors and percentage of each contribution can be accepted). Examples of contributions include: designed research, performed research, contributed vital new reagents or analytical tools, analyzed data, and wrote the paper. An author may list more than one type of contribution, and more than one author may have contributed to the same aspect of the work.

Authors should take care to exclude overlap and duplication in papers dealing with related materials. See also paragraph on Redundant or Duplicate Publication in “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals” at

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editors, members of the Editorial Board, or other expert reviewers. At the discretion of the Editors, the manuscript may be returned immediately without full review, if deemed not competitive or outside the realm of interests of the majority of the readership of the Journal. The decision (reject, invite revision, accept) letter will be coming from the Editor who has assumed responsibility for the manuscript’s review. Editorial decisions are based not just on technical merit of the work, but also on other factors such as the priority for publication and the relevance to the Journal’s general readership. All papers are judged in relation to other submissions currently under consideration.

Categories of Manuscripts

Original Articles. Manuscripts submitted as Original Articles are expected to be concise, well organized, and clearly written. Structural abstract is required, which should not exceed 200 words. Acceptance of Original Articles is based on the originality, definitiveness, and importance of the findings to the field mentioned in the section “Aims and scope”. Manuscripts that have passed an initial screening by the Editor will be reviewed by two or more experts in the field.

Case Reports. Unique case reports will be considered for publication in this category. Each report should not exceed 1500 words in the text, 150 words of unstructural abstract, 4 figures/tables, and 20 references.

Case Illustrations. This session is aimed to provide education to residents in all fields of pathology. Uncommon but typical cases will be considered. Each case should not exceed 1000 words in the text, 4 figures, and 10 references. No abstract is required.

Technical Notes. Brief description of new techniques used in pathology laboratories will be considered for publication in this category. Each technical note should not exceed 1000 words in the text, 2 figures, and 5 references. No abstract is required.

Review Articles. Review articles are generally solicited by the Editor-in-Chief. A review article should focus on a topic of broad scientific interest and on recent advances. These manuscripts must include unstructural abstracts of 200 words or fewer and must have no more than 60 references. Review Articles are reviewed by the Editors and other expert reviewers before a final publication decision is made, and revisions may be required.

Letters to the Editor. Comments on published articles or current topics are welcome and will be published if appropriate. Letters should stay in the range of 300 to 500 words of text, 5 to 10 references, and 1 figure or table (if needed). Please include a brief title succinctly stating the topic of your letter.

Organization of Manuscript

Organize the content of your manuscripts as follows: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, References, Tables, Figure Legends, and Figures. Other editorial

requirements are as follows:

Author statement. All authors are encouraged to indicate their specific contributions to the submitted work.

Title page. This page should contain the followings: 1.) Article title, 2.) Running title (not to exceed 50 characters, including spaces between words), 3.) Full and accurate names of all authors, 4.) Names of institutions in which work was done connected to the appropriate authors, and 5.) Corresponding author’s full name, address, phone and fax number, and e-mail address. Abstract. The abstract should contain 200 words or fewer (150 words or fewer for Case Reports).

Submitting the manuscript. Author should submit the manuscript via this website. It is important that you have to register and follow the given steps before submitting your manuscript.

Address of editorial Corresponce.
✎  Vorachai Sirikulchayanonta, MD, Editor-in-Chief: Asian Archives of Pathology, Faculty of Science, Rangsit University, Pathumthani 12000, Thailand.
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